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The development of consumer concept changes the vending machine speed faster and faster!

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
The development of the retail industry will changes with the change of the consumption environment, and now consumers have already begun the transition to the consumer for personality freedom after 90, because of different environment and education, consumption idea and generation are very different, that is to promote the development of new retail! With the economic level of ascension, and now consumers for goods is no longer just needs to give priority to, but pay more attention to the consumer experience, and that means predominantly people retail mode will be more and more popular. Therefore, retail enterprises need a multi-channel data exchange, the fusion of online and offline through digital upgrade to meet the needs of consumers! Now the idea of consumers is, consumption is to enjoy! Today's consumers shopping channel is more and more, that is to say growing way of spending money! Even in a village in the middle of nowhere, and able to purchase goods in other countries, this is the change of the market! On the other hand is the consumer choice of diversification, now many young consumers are reluctant to put money in the bank inside, consumption is to enjoy the fun! In addition, not means need to change the traditional retail, new retail didn't show up, but because of who I am now the consumer demand is difficult to be satisfied in the original social and economic, will engender new retail consumption age, and the new retail consumption upgrade to build on the foundation of the social economy, so in the developed cities, the vending machine to get better market!
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