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The design of the adult supplies self-help vending machine module

by:Haloo      2021-02-22
Adult supplies self-help vending machine design module change module the module implementation after recognition of money and buy change function, users pay, this module can distinguish 5 yuan, 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 50 yuan, 100 yuan notes, and 1 yuan coin, and can distinguish authenticity. And statistics, the amount of data sent to the sales module, and can receive the balance of return from sales module data, according to the corresponding return information to prompt the user for money to identify and change into the machines. Change can be recycled into each received the change, which controls the implementation cycle change. Other payment module in addition to money paid directly, adult supplies the vending machine also support unionpay card, WeChat pay, pay treasure to pay. Adult supplies sales module function of self-help vending identifies change module to send data to the money, and the signal recognition, number and amount, if the amount is less than the return information to money to identify change module, information notice sending goods identification module temporarily not shipment, if the amount is enough to send information to the goods identification module. Shipment of goods identification module sends information identification calculation amount according to the corresponding commodity and identify change module sends the data to the bill. Ship goods identification module the module can receive goods button data and analyzing data for identification, select the corresponding treatment scheme and the corresponding system information back to the sales module. If the goods is to locate and delivery of goods within the machine, without an error message is returned to the sales module, and automatically send out of stock information to the administrators. Adult supplies self-help vending machine remote control module based on Internet application, the background can be monitoring, management, real time control of the vending machine on the market can be in the home sales situation of each aisle. Machine will through the wireless network real-time accurate information of each vending machine, and remote control of adult supplies self-help vending machine, it can realize the management of multiple machines at the same time, flexible allocation of management resources, save administrative costs, improve the efficiency of management. The previous: adult supplies the application of self-help vending machine
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