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The current status of vending machines in China

by:Haloo      2023-07-02
At the beginning of April 2019, the convenience store giant Lawson (Shanghai) released a newly developed vending machine model for convenience stores in Shanghai, and officially applied for related patents! From simple introduction to in-depth design and customization, behind the combination of convenience store and vending machine business, it is no longer a question of simply continuing 24-hour service, but an organic integration of manned retail and unmanned retail. In addition to cost efficiency, convenience store operators are also thinking about new solutions for temperature and service. Zhang Sheng, director and vice president of Lawson Convenience China, said in an interview with vending machine industry information,“someone and“The combination of unmanned and full development of the store market may be the future direction. Convenience store operations must also consider temperature and service while considering cost and efficiency. At present, the number of vending machines in China is about 190,000. It is estimated that by 2022, the total number of vending machines in the country will be close to 1.5 million, an increase of nearly 8 times compared to 2016. The vending machine consumer group is showing a trend of expansion. At present, the age group of the main vending machine consumer group has covered the 1845-year-old group, and the post-80s and post-90s have become the group with the highest tolerance for vending machines. Vending machines most often appear in crowded shopping malls, office buildings and other scenes, so it is unavoidable to carve up the flow of people in physical stores. Of course, vending machines can not only compete with traditional formats in the market, but also help physical stores increase sales, reduce land rent costs and labor costs, and achieve win-win cooperation. When vending machines cooperate with physical stores, it can be regarded as a kind of sharing economy. Not limited by time and place, it can save manpower and facilitate transactions. Each vending machine can become a miniature“Chain stores solve the problems of fast and low-cost store opening and sales increase, and are also a way to promote brand and product duplication. However, operating a vending machine also requires costs. These funds include machine costs, rental costs, and daily operating costs. The cost of equipment depreciation, warehousing, logistics, and maintenance costs is even larger. To generate sufficient income, the scale effect Very important. Therefore, it is possible to cooperate with a professional vending machine operation service provider with mature qualifications. The fixed-point replenishment of vending machines, the monitoring of replenishment on the cloud platform, and the monitoring of the data of each machine through the mobile phone terminal can provide strong technical support. Today, new wholesale has become the latest hot spot. Among various entry points, new species, convenience stores, and vending machines are the biggest highlights, and specialty vending machines are the biggest challenge. The future business of vending machines will continue to grow. Now, in addition to the stand-alone version, it can also be matched with different functional devices to realize a combined service format. For example, the equipment combination with beverages, fruits and daily groceries, and the combination with audio-visual entertainment and advertising media. In the future,“The business form of vending machines will also continue to increase.
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