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The current mainstream drink vending machines are what kind of

by:Haloo      2020-11-19
We all know that in recent years, with the rise of unmanned new retail economy, more and more of the vending machine appeared in the streets, factories, hospitals, schools, railway stations and other places. According to the selling goods can be divided into drinks vending machine, food, snack vending machine, general merchandise, vending machine, automatic sell milk machine, bento fruits and vegetables, the lipstick machine, bag machine, and so on. Among them, because beverage market is stable all the year round and demand is very big also, drinks vending machine in no one to play a main role in the retail industry, then we will make a brief introduction of the difference of all kinds of drinks vending machine. 1. Spring drawer aisle drinks vending machine of this kind of machine adopts the mature aisle spiral spring, the specifications shall generally be 67 * 80 * 470 * 4. 5毫米( 67 on behalf of the spring big diameter is 67 mm, 80 on behalf of the pitch is 80 mm, 470 mm represents the total length, 4. 5 mm on behalf of the spring with a diameter of 4. 5 mm steel wire made) , suitable for selling various 250 - common on the market 600 ml bottle of cans of drinks. In this way the biggest advantage is the manufacturing cost low technology content is low, no threshold, many small and medium-sized manufacturers can produce. Shortcoming is also very obvious, of course, refrigeration insulation bad lead to high power consumption, high rate card goods late result in high operating costs, less space utilization low loading, and so on. 2. Sloping aisle drinks vending machine of this kind of machine aisle is a tilt of the metal cavity, drinks the rows of code into, from the following shipment. This kind of machine more unpopular, seldom meet, is basically be eliminated. 3. Snake aisle ( S type accumulation aisle) Drinks vending machine belongs to high-end models the vending machine, because the current industry independent research and development within aisle coil, no more than three. Aisle is a winding of the metal cavity, drinks like a cartridge in one next to a row, from above, from below, exports have a electromagnetic institutions under control, delivery a container at a time. The aisle design processing difficulty is big, high technical requirements, cost is higher, but the advantage is more outstanding, has a substantial and durable BuKa goods, high space utilization, good heat preservation and energy saving province electricity, and many other advantages, has become a mainstream drink vending machine aisle. 4. Inline stacked aisle drinks vending machine this kind of machine is equivalent to the snake aisle straightening, serpentine aisle is crooked, array stacking cargo directly is straight, compared with the snake aisle inline stacked aisle can not only selling bottled canned drinks, drinks can also sell tetra brick, further increasing range selling drinks. Inline stacked aisle is better than serpentine aisle design processing requirements is low, the cost is low. Shortcomings, of course, is also very obvious, beverage on the bottom of the pressure! 5. Smart to sell container types of drinks vending machine is this vending machine industry dark horse, equivalent to traditional cold fresh tank and a combination of the vending machine, and using artificial intelligence, data and video image recognition technology. Way of working is very simple, brush customers face the door, take drinks after closing machine according to the surveillance cameras captured images automatically determine what goods which customers away to settlement. This kind of machine shopping experience is good, but not with a high ratio of performance risk control scheme, when cooling is better than serpentine aisle machine electricity, because the cost is lower, suitable for the batch in manned unattended scenarios such as department stores, service hall, next to the front desk and so on. For now, from the operational cost, failure rate, service life, and other factors to consider, serpentine aisle drinks vending machines or mainstream, easy touch technology professional research and development production of serpentine aisle drinks vending machine, the equipment has been unified, want want group, pepsi-cola, Coca-Cola, China resources treasure, mengniu, yili and other major beverage manufacturers.
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