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The cold vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-20
The vending machine for this product, I believe everyone is no longer strange, as the gradual development of The Times, people began to gradually known and accepted the industry. In recent years, with the constantly increasing demand, the development of the industry is also booming, there are a lot of people chose the direction of the industry as a business, and there is no super and surge in the number of the vending machine is also excited. But a number of machine, use the time grows, can appear a lot of problems, such as card goods, damage, is not the problem such as refrigeration, and today, we can't to be solved in the event of refrigeration this problem, we should how to solve. When our machine can't refrigeration, first of all, we are going to plug in, listen to the compressor sound in operation, if heard a sound operation of the compressor again then we will open the freezer door, heard the sound of it. If is ringing sound glug, that means there may be no refrigerant, we need to add refrigerant, if it is a hiss, it may be a high pressure leak, then we could touch the capillary outlet, and if there is a little cold, that means there is also some refrigerant, it is likely to be low leakage. These are through to the vending machine to produce sound, it is concluded that the preliminary judgment, the specific situation, but also combined with pressure and the state of the filter. After listening to the sound and then shut down, about 15 to 20 minutes, open the process tube, ice block, such as ice melts before open tube. When open tube cutter cut in half and only take an intact encase plastic pipe cutters and process, good package and then removed by hand. This time you can know the inside of the system pressure is negative pressure and zero pressure and positive pressure is a small amount of refrigerant or large amount of refrigerant in either case. If you listen to the voice in the first place, the vending machine has a hissing sound, there is a little bit of refrigerants, after a week or a month and refrigerants, but no refrigeration, the noise of the compressor in operation, very boring, no other sound, then you can identify the ice wall. In the case of ice block, we stop the deicing and refrigeration. If our vending machine without ice leakage, the but again have this kind of phenomenon, in this case could be refrigerated or variable temperature. If the machine has a gurgling sound, then we can go have a look at the door of the vending machine have any trace of the water, and the door cabinets have rust, and if so, it can be concluded that, basic is a high pressure leak. This time, find the door, you can directly to jilt door, can't find the words, you need external condenser. Door frames have rust, most are frozen, refrigerated outlet pipe if there is one open back, also need to deal with the drain pipe. To the backboard position filed, water bubbles to remove, and then glue leakage, doorcase to shave, make glue is ok. If we have water in your vending machine filter, we are need to back fill pipe or in open. If is again no moisture in the zero pressure filter, are generally serious rust of the door hole is big, we only need to remove the door also tube or plugins condenser is ok. Friends for vending machines there are other questions, can ask us, oh
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