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The business opportunities behind the self-help vending machine of science and technology

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
, shopping malls in the park we can see a lot of self-service kiosks, users can WeChat flicking code to pay or pay treasure yards, brush on the face and easily shopping. With 4 g networks, the rapid popularity of smart phones, mobile payment, even in the small city of zhaoqing, the use of self-service kiosks are also greatly reduced the threshold. Below I will simply talk about their views. 1. Self-help vending machine is not only an effective supplementary entity shop sell, but also the effective contact of contact with the end user. Compared with the traditional sales channels, vending terminal with high technical content, the new sales mode, as well as good consumer experience, moreover, these 'never super work shop assistant' never tireless, also need not paid, really can do work hard, to create profits at the same time also can reduce the cost. The gradually increased channel cost today, can be said to be the physical channel is an effective supplement. We have learned, many enterprises have begun their, the ark of the target is on the 30000 units in the country. A more important significance lies in kiosks can constitute effective contact to consumers, and consumers to form connections. In my through WeChat after pay for the drinks, I received such a page can be WeChat attention ark vending machine service platform. In this way, enterprises and consumers can more easily to form connections, which can bring the possibility of more complex purchase, but also can get real feedback of consumers. As you can imagine, the value of the connection in business world will have how old. I don't think self-service terminals but for entity selling channels of complement, but bold attempt to connect with consumers, but also a transformation and upgrading of enterprise to consumers. 2. The data will become a new driving force of the FMCG industry. The second problem is data driven. For a long time, there is always some 'can't find the feeling' traditional enterprise transformation, in turn, how to turn is the difficulties faced by business owners. One important reason is that enterprises do not understand the real needs. For food, FMCG industry, these data may be able to adjust the direction of enterprise products have strong guiding significance. The future enterprise key decisions may be from the actual data from a line. 3. Self-service kiosks are or will become an important actually fast away industry channels, a vending machine in domestic has been more than ten years, but in the retail market reaction is not good. On the one hand, subject to the uncertainty of mobile payment, these self-service kiosk experience is not good; On the other hand, most people used in the physical channel to purchase goods, no real cultured user habits. China's reform and opening up will through the fourth decade, to the difficult transition from savage growth, every industry, every enterprise and the enterprise each person's fate is in the subtle changes in the economic and social change. I don't know where is the future, but I believe that as long as keep keen insight, the humble heart knowledge and the courage to keep trying, opportunities will appear in an unexpected way.
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