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The basic situation of vending machines in Guangdong

by:Haloo      2021-03-12
The basic situation of Guangdong vending machine? Speaking of vending machines, the author first thought of the beverage machines and snack machines downstairs in the university dormitory. The lights were turned off at night and the doors were locked, and these two vending machines became the source of livelihood. Today, we want to talk about smart vending machines that have been gaining momentum recently. Before the main text, let’s first understand some basic conditions about vending machines: 1. Most people's recognition of vending machines is not as good as canteens and supermarkets; 2. On the whole, the distribution density of vending machines is low, and they are mainly concentrated on work. With high intensity, more men, or schools, 80% of vending machines are concentrated in universities or intensive manufacturing; 3. Since 2012, various vending machine manufacturers have begun to play 'smart cards' and start to play 'mobile' 'License' is also not a minority. So, now let's talk about the vending machines that are quietly becoming stronger in the corners that are not concerned, what are the mobile cards and smart cards: the three levels of mobile 1. Mobile payment. Domestic smart vending machine manufacturers have begun to test mobile payment, a payment method that does not require change and is convenient for rights protection. Consumers can either scan the QR code directly in front of the vending machine to make a WeChat payment, or they can purchase the goods on their mobile phones and then go to the corresponding vending machine to pick up the goods. It is understood that because the closed loop of payment, receipt, and rights protection in the WeChat service account of version 5.0 has been completed, merchants’ native apps are extremely crowded out by WeChat service accounts. Smart vending machine merchants are considering delisting native apps. The payment function is concentrated on WeChat, and the influence of WeChat is evident. 2. Cooperation with mobile operators. This is more interesting. A vending machine manufacturer that has been growing very rapidly in the past two years has proposed a project that is in talks with operators (and some other institutions, such as banks) and is very likely to be realized (in order to avoid the suspicion of tiger sniffing the soft text, we will I don’t want to write which one. If the company successfully cooperates with China Mobile, everyone will know): Use points in various shopping malls to exchange products in vending machines, and eventually some consumers can redeem with points only Goods in automated shopping machines. 3. (Still planning level) Vending machines similar to mailboxes. The traditional model of vending machines is mobile consumers and fixed vending machines. However, since mobile payment can be achieved, it should be a reasonable plan to express goods to the door, but this business has exceeded the scope of 'vending machines'. However, the vending machine still has its own advantages in this field. Imagine that after an online shopping one day, you happen to be away by express delivery. The mobile phone text message shows that your express has been placed in the vending machine xxxx, the location is near the address you left. Please swipe the QR code in front of the vending machine to get it. goods. If you think about Cainiao.com, everything is possible. Intelligent vending machine The intelligence of a vending machine is far more than just a touch screen. The current “smartness” of vending machines is mainly embodied in three aspects. On the one hand, it is the intelligent management and control of goods, that is, every transaction directly becomes data and is used for subsequent analysis of purchase and sales links; the second aspect is the full network of vending machines The monitoring guarantee of the system, that is, mechanical failure and out-of-stock information are warned by the monitoring system, which greatly improves the operation guarantee capability of the vending machine enterprise; the third aspect is that the smart screen is actually a review of the popular 'software-defined hardware' concept. Kind of practice. Advertising display and some other extended activities can already be realized on the vending machine screen. To give an example that has been implemented in the industry, a beverage company cooperates with a vending machine manufacturer and wants to carry out a prize promotion. The prize is a movie ticket. At this time, consumers have seen the corresponding advertisement when they come to the vending machine. After purchasing the drink, a lottery game will automatically appear on the smart screen of the vending machine. If they are drawn, they can directly get tickets from the vending machine. Disadvantages Generally speaking, vending machines rely on the development of 'mobile' and 'intelligence' and have gradually shown their unique advantages. There is still a lot of room in the domestic market. However, the reason for the long-term development is that vending machines also have their own natural disadvantages. 1. The goods sold by vending machines belong to the FMCG category. Usually the beverages and snacks sold are low-profit products, and the profit ceiling is very low. However, the ceiling can be raised through the sale of third-party advertisements and even possible cooperation with mobile operators, but the premise is that the coverage of vending machines should be large and the population should be covered. 2. The volume limit of the vending machine itself. If it is too large, it will increase the cost, and if it is too small, the profit will be insufficient. In fact, this problem still belongs to the first disadvantage; it's just that since vending machine manufacturers want to combine vending machines with mailboxes, they must consider that too many goods in the future may cause the vending machines to be overwhelmed. 3. As mentioned earlier, vending machines are now mainly concentrated in universities and labor-intensive manufacturing enterprises. If the target audience is limited, there are fewer opportunities to cooperate with advertisers and even operators. Now a vending machine company has negotiated with the subway and started to put terminals in the subway. This is a good opportunity to expand influence. In the future, we will continue to release the latest industry information on Guangdong vending machines and Guangdong unmanned vending machines. I believe there will be content you need. Previous: Interpretation of Guangdong vending machine industry prospects for you Next: How to operate the layout of Guangdong vending machine
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