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The advantages of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-02-24
In the past few years, the vending machine in China has been tepid, in recent years, China is a country prosperous. Compared with Japan, every three to five people have a vending machine, but no one ask China traditional vending machines, vending machines have been looking to shake the status of physical stores, become a ubiquitous part of people's life. So, compared with the entity shop, what is the advantage of the vending machine? Vending machines with the following six main advantages: 1. A vending machine machine price for thousands to 20000 people, less investment, low threshold. Don't need a vending machine shop stores, covers an area of only 1 square meters. Schools, tourist attractions, parks, factories, office buildings, such as service hall can display management. 2. Low investment, small risk, simple example, open entity shop, if the business is not good, losses will be very big, but the vending machine only need to change the position. 3. As China's aging intensifies, artificial and the rent is more and more expensive, the development of the 5 g, mobile payment technology is more and more mature, intelligent, share, auto sales into the fast track of development. 4. At present, the vending machine has a large screen, can do advertising, the fuselage at the same time can produce good advertising effect. Compared with the traditional physical retail stores, it not only reduces the media advertising investment cost, can also cooperate with other enterprises, in the vending machine advertisements, increase advertising revenue. 5. A vending machine is equivalent to a small convenience store. And convenience stores is different, do not need artificial sales, open all day 24 hours a day, rain or shine, as long as there is electricity, you can use the vending machine. 6. About dozens of vending machine in the form of distribution, food vending machine is not only a common drink, orange juice, and self-help machine, adult products vending machine, Shared charging treasure, mini self-service KTV song and so on. In future development, the new retail vending machine will be more than physical stores. This is the need of the era. Vending machines in traditional immature technology has experienced a series of difficulties and, so far technology with a considerable increase, new things will overcome the old!
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