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The advantages of talk about bento vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
The vending machine processing factory production the bento vending machine, elegant and generous appearance, reasonable design, environmental protection, the use of the convenience of our customers, more humane. Compared to other more guaranteed product quality, use more secure. With the development of science and technology, the vending machine has gradually appear in many areas, whether Banks or the cinema, or the company can see it. Bento vending machine also appeared in front of people. The vending machine ( 自动售货机) Business originated in the 60 s of this century, the Mars family found by the United States. In the eighty s, the United States, Japan and Europe, the application field of the vending machine has been extended to small food, hot and cold drinks, fast food, games, cigarettes, bus, stamps, newspaper, telephone card and personal hygiene items, etc. As an advanced way of commercial retail, vending machines has been more developed in nearly 50 countries got rapid development. According to relevant data, in the United States, the vending machine business retail sales as high as $29. 3 billion a year, and every year with larger amplitude in growth. In Japan and Europe, vending machine of the momentum of development is also very rapidly, its performance also obtained zero attention of people. Now the vending machine has developed to the European average 60 people and have a average 40 people in the United States have one. In Paris, France, the station alone cloth more than 1500 units, sales of more than 600 francs a month. Japan has, most vending machines per capita average of 23 people have one. Every year in Japan, every consumer in the consumption amount of vending machine can achieve 5. 50000 yen. A Japanese company, according to the investigation, a vending machine sold thousands of cans of drinks in one year, more than the average small shops scattered sales. Japan the Coca-Cola company has nearly 1 million vending machine, its sales accounted for 70% of the company's annual output above.
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