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The advantages of internet smart vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-11-09
We all know that vending machines have become more and more popular in recent years. There are beverage vending machines with snake-shaped channels selling bottled and canned drinks, and comprehensive product vending machines with spring spiral channels selling snacks and daily necessities. Cargo planes, as well as crawler vending machines that sell fruits, vegetables, and lunches with elevators. Careful friends may find that the above classification method is to classify vending machines according to the different goods being sold. In fact, vending machines can be divided into two categories based on their functionality: 1. Traditional vending machines; 2. Internet intelligent vending machines. The traditional vending machine is the kind of vending machine we saw many years ago. The machine can only accept banknotes and coins. It cannot be paid with a mobile phone to scan the QR code, nor can it be connected to the Internet. The administrator has only arrived at the machine. You can know it on the spot. This kind of traditional vending machine is more laborious to manage, and one administrator can't manage several machines at the same time. You can only drive the goods and go to the site for blind replenishment, and you can’t carry the right goods qualitatively and quantitatively in advance. It is troublesome. You have to walk and work hard. You have to do manual account statistics for sales data. The efficiency is relatively low, and the labor cost is low. Taller! The current Internet smart vending machines are different. In terms of payment methods, in addition to supporting traditional cash, you can also use your mobile phone to scan QR codes, such as WeChat, Alipay, Yipay, Baipay, etc. Card payment can be customized, such as UnionPay card, employee card, student card, bus card, and membership card. Now there is also face recognition payment. By swiping your face to buy things, everyone is a person of face, and they rely on their face to eat! The more payment methods, the more convenient for customers to purchase, and the more conducive to the increase in sales. The buying experience is also much better. Customers can select products through the touch screen, and they can also enter the online shopping mall on their mobile phones to select products online and pay, and then get the products from the vending machine, and they can also receive the products by entering the delivery code or the prize redemption code. At the same time, it is also very entertaining and more interesting. Management is also much more convenient. Via the Internet, vending opportunities placed in various places upload sales data to the back-end server in real time. The vending machine administrator can view the status and sales data of each machine anytime and anywhere through the back-end account. , According to the out-of-stock prompt, just bring the corresponding product to replenish the out-of-stock machine. There is no need to go wrong. A vending machine administrator can manage many machines at the same time. The efficiency is high and the labor cost is naturally reduced. ! You can place advertisements. Internet smart vending machines can be equipped with large touch screens and can play advertisements. For example, when they are placed in stations, airports, subways, squares and other places with high traffic, the profits from advertisements are still relatively high. After comparison, we can see that Internet smart vending machines can crush traditional vending machines in terms of payment methods, purchase experience, function expansion, operational efficiency, and labor costs. Now what we see is basically the new Internet Smart vending machine. . This article editor: haloo vending machine search hot words: vending machine, unmanned vending machine, vending machine manufacturer official website: Tel: 400-86-55011 mobile phone: 18053215830 The copyright of this article belongs to the haloo vending machine.
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