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The advantages and disadvantages of chrome-plated springs and electrophoretic springs in unmanned vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-10-19
We all know that with the development of the economy, people's living standards are improving day by day, and more and more unmanned vending machines appear in various places. Unmanned vending machines for new retail have unmatched advantages over traditional retail. They can be open 24 hours a day and year-round, and can serve consumers more conveniently. Operators can also regularly replenish goods according to the vending machine background. Also greatly reduces labor costs. There are many types of unmanned vending machines. The most common ones on the market are the unmanned vending machines in the snake-shaped goods lanes for selling drinks and the vending machines in the spring-tracked goods lanes. Here we mainly discuss some knowledge of the spring in the spring cargo way. A friend asked, isn’t the spring cargo lane just a motor module with a spring? Is there anything to discuss. In fact, many things seem to be plain on the surface, but there is a lot of knowledge in them. In terms of material, it is generally divided into carbon steel, manganese steel, and stainless steel. The cost of stainless steel is not generally high, and the use of it is of little significance. Low-end springs are made of carbon steel (the most common spring steel), and the slightly better ones are generally manganese steel (high-speed rails are manganese steel). Manganese steel has better corrosion resistance and rigidity, and is tough. Not easily deformed. In order to rust in a better way, two important surface treatment processes are generally involved, electroplating and electrophoresis. Electroplating spring Electrophoresis spring electroplating is the use of electrochemical principles to plate a corrosion-resistant metal on the surface, usually nickel and chromium plating. Among them, chromium plating has a beautiful appearance and good corrosion resistance, but the disadvantages are also obvious. Electroplating will seriously pollute the environment. The electrophoresis here is electrophoretic paint. Under the action of an external DC power supply, the colloidal particles move towards the cathode or anode in the dispersion medium. Using this principle to paint, it has many advantages such as low pollution, energy saving, and resource saving. The spring cargo lane of the unmanned vending machine is also easy to distinguish from the appearance. The surface of the electroplated spring is bright metallic. Like a mirror, the electrophoretic spring is black with a very uniform paint film on the surface. In the past two years, environmental protection has been paid more attention, so the springs of unmanned vending machines are less and less electroplated, and they are generally electrophoretic paint. In short, under the premise of not affecting the use, the electrophoresis process has a lower cost, and is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly. (Remarks: Unmanned vending machines u003d vending machines u003d vending machines, vending machines have different names!)
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