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The advantage of universal hotel mini vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
View and the space hotel rooms useful use, but more possession, the standard hotel rooms in paid product placement. Hotel mini vending machine have an interval advantage more, complete avs stretch hand to consumption. Structure ensures that the product with the device itself after paying ability, useful to reduce the damage and reduced between hotel and guest for products not damaged or lost, hotel service power. Hotel mini vending machine in addition to ensure that the product is safe, risk of health problems, had to say on guest privacy protection is also played a great effect. Flavor products mini vending machine in the direction of the first consideration is hotel, facing the consumer, many guests would not face the checkout and it virtually lost the passenger flow. And consumption in the hotel mini vending machine, check-out directly leave, brief the check-out process, save time. Reduce the hotel must deal with difficulty and labor costs, to supply customers with real bento accommodation experience. In terms of profitability, product price difference is the primary origin of general supply food and flavor products. Flavor products profit, but also due to the rigid demand, flavor in love 'theme hotel supplies needs more than just a lot of, not only can satisfied lovers demand in time, can also with vague room environment influence each other, inspire more potential consumer group, especially women used to flavor toys.
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