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Tell you what the vending machine maintenance details

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Go out shopping, everyone will see all kinds of automation equipment on the side of the road or shopping center. Drinks vending machine is one of the, brought a lot of convenience to people. We all think they are very convenient, but everyone knows how to maintain it? Let's take a look, bring convenience to us, how to maintain it! On the outside of the vending machine: if the machine external dust, please use dry cloth to wipe. Wipe away if dust too much, if not, please dilute with warm water or water, and then use cloth rub-up and dilute solution. Note: it's hard to keep clear dirt, and can use solvent or alkaline cleaning machine. Otherwise, the panel and select button may be broken. Identifier: COINS COINS in circulation process is easy to dirty. When dyeing COINS COINS through the vending machine channel, the channel will be contaminated with the passage of time. If the dirt is too severe, will lead to a vending machine COINS. Choices, change and extract the abnormal performance of the coin. Therefore, in order to maintain the good performance of recognizer COINS, COINS recognizer channel should be at least a month to wipe/time, and not to use the gauze with hot water, dry cloth or dry cloth to wipe. Can use slightly wet cloth. Pickup: because the pickup mouth of the vending machine is very low, is likely to be contaminated, so every time complement goods, merchants used a piece of rag to wipe pickup mouth, both inside and outside. Consumers have a good impression on cleanliness. Vending machines need to properly maintain, in the process of operation for a long time when not in use should be carefully maintained.
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