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Tell you the vending machines, what are the advantages for you

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
In recent years, with the rise of the Internet economy, peoples idea has become a trend, many people are looking for all kinds of project startup, especially food and beverage industry may FMCG retailing. But follow the rent money capital, decoration and shop assistants the rising of human capital, the difficulty of open a shop business is more and more big, many entrepreneurs day in busy at the beginning of a day and night but can't make money, and even at a loss, all give the landlord made the mortgage! This time, the advantage of the vending machine is out. Top cover an area of an area small, a machine covers an area of one square meter or so, generally is still occupy the shelve space, a year to rent not much money. Second, do not need a clerk unattended, now of the vending machine is intelligent network, through the system background can know the detailed sales data of each machine; A replenishment part on the basis of these data can be handled together many machine, on the basis of the background data to replenishment can regularly; Capitation to each vending machine of human capital is very low. The vending machine sales can not worse than the traditional shops, serpentine aisle, aisle spring, many grid cabinet, a reasonable combination of different models, such as to be able to sell most of the products in the traditional shops. Strictly speaking, the vending machine is equivalent to a small supermarket, a supermarket all structure: the machine is equal to the stores; Aisle is equal to the product shelves. And the fetch mouth is equal to the security measures; Mobile phones and yards, brush face pay, cash pay system is equal to the checkout counter; A dragon no self-service, the entire process as flowing circulation, in better shopping experience together, save the form of human capital.
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