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Tell what is the cause of the outbreak of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
In 2017, with new retail trend sweeping the country, the vending machine prosper, for the perfect moment. Just two years time, from empty to the forefront, the vending machine become a lot of players compete to popular nation. Enterprise players from the lack of a few years ago more than 50 surged to 260, the public areas into an annual growth of the number of the vending machine 25 per cent. On the basis of the historical experience of the developed countries, when per capita GDP to break $10000, the vending machine will get a surge in demand, we have already had nine provinces and municipalities in 2016 per capita GDP beyond this specification. Follow customers disposable income are added, the need for active vending machine also expands. Experts speculate that our country active sales professional spurts add inflection point or have arrived, after a few years, the market in China will add 5 - year after year 100000 the vending machine, the mature period, the vending machine can reach 3 million units in the Chinese market, it is broad prospect of market. The vending machine profession outbursts of three elements: salary, rent, skills.
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