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Tea vending machines integrate fashion technology elements, the market is huge

by:Haloo      2021-03-18
Of the 3.77 million vending machines in Europe, 60% sell hot drinks, of which coffee drinks account for half of hot drinks, which means that 740 million people in Europe can buy hot coffee through 1.13 million vending machines. In China, the total number of vending machines of various categories is less than 200,000, not to mention hot drink vending machines. Regarding the business of hot drink vending machines, as in Europe, it is possible to start with coffee. There are now domestic operators such as coffee bar and coffee terminal. However, to benchmark European coffee culture, is it possible in China to use vending machines to do tea business that suits current consumption habits based on tea drinking culture? Recently, some operators want to sell fashionable tea to young people from the perspective of tea vending machines. However, this entry point is the second phase of the project plan. The tea vending machine, which is still in the first stage, can be connected to the mobile app. The user selects the tea brewing mode corresponding to the tea on the app (there is a difference in time, temperature, etc.) to make nearly kung fu tea (not quick tea) Quality tea (according to the introduction, it is the first taste of Kung Fu tea). In the first stage, tea operators will target the sales crowd to higher-end places such as law firms and airport VIP rooms. Starting from high-end venues, you can create a luxurious and fashionable front-end product image, and then lay out channels for the public, and the public will recognize the value of this product. The founder said that the second phase of the project is to install tea vending machines. This tea opportunity will be installed in scenes such as 711 (negotiating), shopping malls, movie theaters, etc., using trendy technology elements such as remote operation to purchase tea. Provide Kung Fu tea for consumers, especially young people. Operators believe that traditional tea is not popular with young people, but if the quality of tea can be improved, for example, the quality of kung fu tea, coupled with fashionable positioning, just like coffee gives people a sense of fashion, young consumers are willing to serve tea. You pay for it. This judgment can be verified by consumers' choices of paying for fashionable tea shops such as Hey Tea, Nai Xue no Tea, and ChaLi. In general, merchants want to use vending machines to cut into a variety of possible consumption scenarios through the deployment of multiple channels, and sell tea to young people with fashion and technology elements. In the second phase of the business, tea vending machines will be stationed in various consumer places at cost or no fees, and tea will be used as a profit point. At present, tea vending machines are still in their infancy from the industry market, but at least two factors will help this business. First, unlike consumers before the 80s, the concept of 'coffee u003d fashion' is no longer A concept generally recognized by the new generation of consumers. Compared with coffee, if there is a fashionable and delicious tea, Chinese consumers are more likely to choose tea. At present, the industry estimates that the market size of tea drinks in the country is less than 100 billion yuan. However, once the tea business has an ecological feeling that is more fashionable than coffee, this market will have more space. Second, the maturity of vending machine technology under the general trend of the Internet of Things allows consumers to obtain a trendy interactive experience, which just provides an opportunity for the tea vending business. The above information is provided by the beverage vending machine. Please mark the reprint. Previous post: Popularization of unmanned retail The vending machine service community continues to praise
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