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Talking about the vending machine, are we talking about? ?

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
Talking about the vending machine, first let us know about the evolution history of vending machine. The vending machine ( 自动售货机,VEM) Is based on input of coin machine automatically pay for the goods. Currently responsible for hardware development, manufacturing, domestic production manufacturers have more than 30, about 12 sales scale. About 22 820000, industry market size. 9. 5 billion. The vending machine is the common use of the commercial automation equipment, it is not restricted by time and place, can save manpower, convenient transactions. Is a kind of brand-new commercial retail form, also known as the miniature supermarket open 24 hours a day. At present domestic common vending machine will be divided into four kinds: drink vending machine, food vending machines, integrated vending machine, cosmetics vending machine. Made in the 1st century AD, the Greek herodias automatic sell water device is one of the world's earliest vending machine. In 1925 the United States developed vending machines selling cigarettes, then appeared various modern vending machines selling stamps, tickets. This is a machine to buy stamps in 1950. In 1962, as the angel of the circulation revolution, opened the prelude of the vending machine. The beginning is bottled drinks vending machine. In 1967, 100 yen currency under unit all COINS instead, thereby promoting the development of the vending machine industry. Can you guess what is this machine? This is selling potatoes machine in 1962. I don't know make have enough money to pay for electricity. 2010 - 2017 vending machine gradually developed rapidly in the vending machine in China late start, began to until 1993 in guangdong, Shanghai, machine imported from Japan, South Korea, respectively. Now, a vending machine in our country, the development of scale about 18. More than 820000 units, mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and commodity economy is relatively developed coastal areas. As a result of the vending machine is convenient and flexible service day and night, was welcomed by the local people, in the bustling commercial street, subway station, and even appeared the phenomenon of queuing up to buy. We believe that with the sustainable development of China's economy, people's consumption level unceasing enhancement, the demand for the vending machine will be more and more, more and more widely.
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