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Take you to understand what are the upfront investment costs of unmanned vending machines

by:Haloo      2022-05-22
The acceptance of unmanned vending machines will be higher, and they will be more willing to buy on unmanned vending machines. The contactless shopping of unmanned retail is a good choice whether it is a part-time job or an investment. Many investors struggle with money issues before investing. Invest in vending machine fees, so that you no longer tangle and miss opportunities. What are the main costs of investing in unmanned vending machines? 1. The equipment cost of the vending machine itself The equipment cost of the vending machine itself is the most expensive item in the operation of the industry. There are various types of vending machines with different configurations and different prices. Our main purpose is unmanned retail. In the process of choosing a vending machine, it is recommended to meet the demand with low investment. Determine some additional accessories according to the actual situation. For example, when we first started to test the effect of the point, there was absolutely no need to buy a vending machine with various configurations that were not practical, and the price was high. Just buy the basic scan code version. After accumulating rich operating experience, you can choose some practical function configurations according to the actual situation of the site population. 2. Compared with the high rent of traditional stores, the cost of vending airports also requires venue costs. However, vending machines can be placed outdoors without restrictions on the venue, so the related venue costs are not high, and some do not require venue costs. And if you operate well, many places can also achieve zero cost opening through profit sharing. In the actual operation of the vending machine, there are different places and points of different nature. Different methods can be used to achieve zero cost or low cost to win points. 3. Cost of goods in vending machines No matter what type of goods are sold, you need to prepare some goods for your vending machine. This fee depends on the type of commodity, and the required fee is also different. Generally, it can start with 2-3 thousand. Such as our common beverages, snacks, adult products and so on. This cost is generally not too high. At the beginning, you can choose according to some design and research. Later, you have some operational experience, and you can choose according to big data. 4. Vending machine management and maintenance costs Vending machines will incur some management costs, that is, labor costs, but this can be basically ignored. Operators can use their spare time to replenish and clean up inventory. Vending machines are automatic machines, and occasional equipment failures incur some maintenance costs. This cost is not a long-term investment, as long as you choose a good brand and do daily maintenance, the maintenance cost does not exist. With the development of technology, the current unmanned vending machine is getting closer to a mini convenience store. Using big data analysis, unmanned vending machines will become an ultra-miniature convenience store that can be placed anywhere with users as the core of the vending category, without space restrictions, so that users can easily shop downstairs and at the door of the company. Buy what you like.
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