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Take you to understand the operation of vending machines in schools

by:Haloo      2021-03-20
Take you to understand the operation of vending machines in schools. The rent of a machine ranges from a few hundred to more than a thousand a month, depending on the degree of newness of the machine and its size and function. The rent of a new, large, good site must be expensive, and the old, small, single function must be cheaper. Vending machines are more suitable for selling fast-moving consumer goods. You can sell more common beverages and snacks. Although the profit of a single product is so low that the consumption is large, there is no risk in the market stability. In addition, the vending machine in the university can save the cash module, and pay with WeChat Alipay. You can monitor the operation data of the vending machine anytime and anywhere through the wireless remote management backstage, and replenish the goods regularly based on the data, which is more convenient to manage. Now schools are also places where economic efficiency is emphasized. If you want to get the support of the school, you just need to get them to agree with you to place it, and you can get it at a relatively low price. What you sell depends on what product you are selling. Regarding the power supply, you can contact the scenic area management office to see if they can provide plug-in and discharge ports or something. If you don't provide it, you can only find a way to pull the wires. Through the above introduction, do you understand the operation of vending machines in schools? If you have any questions, you can contact our company, we will provide you with reasonable and detailed answers, so that more people can understand Dongguan vending machines and Guangdong unmanned vending machines are our responsibility. Previous: To share with you what products are available in vending machines Next: To explore the positioning and selection of vending machines
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