Summer unmanned automatic ice cream vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-02-23
The hot summer, the twinkling of an eye. By the end of may, our country most of the temperature for more than 30 degree mark, the hot weather let a person feel hot. Affected by the outbreak, to prevent air circulation, infection, the vast majority of companies and enterprises did not open the central air conditioning, this makes people become more and more hot in hot weather. Summer is very long, in the whole summer, enterprises may not open air conditioning, so in this case, everyone's summer heating method is particularly important. I believe that in the summer, there is no better than ice cream can be refreshing. Then I'll introduce you to the summer black technology - — Ice cream vending machine! This product is specially introduced in view of the current hot summer vending machine. This machine can almost sales of all types of ice cream in the market, the largest one can sell for 300 ice cream sticks. In addition, in order to response to the outbreak of people wearing masks, the brush is not convenient to pay, the ice cream machine is equipped with the scan code. We can not remove the mask, complete the purchase process is security. Whether the school campus, or ordinary office building, factory, normal commercial mall, airport station, etc. , have enormous stream of people. I believe in this unusually hot summer, ice cream is many people indispensable food, our ice cream vending machine can completely meet the needs of people. What are you waiting for!
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