Summer teaches you the correct maintenance and maintenance of vending machines

by:Haloo      2022-01-28
With the opening of the door to the new retail industry, the vending machine industry has stabilized other retail industries with strong strength. Every year, a large number of investors join the vending machine industry. However, in the face of fierce market competition, the vending machine industry The daily maintenance and management of the machine has also become the key to maintaining the stable operation of the machine, and the vending machine is a money-making machine for the operator, so the stability and service life of the machine have become a very important factor in whether the machine can earn income steadily. Then the stability and service life of the machine have become a very important factor for the stable earning of profits. It is reported that the service life of vending machines in Japan is generally about 6-8 years, and the service life of domestic vending machines is generally about 5-7 years. Of course, there are also high-quality vending machines with a long service life. Around 7-10 years. In order for operators to make vending machines operate normally 24 hours a day and extend their service life, it is very important to reduce the frequency of failures. How to reduce the failure rate of unmanned vending machines? Intelligence gives the following maintenance suggestions: In order to reduce the incidence of equipment failures and extend the life of the machine, the customer of the vending machine must do the following maintenance work: 1. The placement of the machine: Take a self-service beverage machine as an example: try not to expose the vending machine directly to the open air. Put a rain shed above the vending machine, which will prevent wind and rain from accelerating the aging of the machine, especially in the hot summer. The vending machine is placed directly in the open air environment, the machine aging speed will accelerate a lot. 2. Cleaning up the cargo lane of the shipment: Keep the cargo lane of the goods shipped clean in order to make the goods more smooth when they debut. Therefore, it is recommended to wipe the top of the goods lane with cotton or towels when replenishing goods. Dust or stains on the surface. 3. Cleaning of the machine body: first turn off the power or unplug the plug, then clean the machine, clean the glass, touch screen, condenser, etc. The condenser is the most difficult to clean. The condenser can be cleaned once a month. Use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to move gently up and down to remove the dirt attached to the condenser's heat sink. (Note: When cleaning the electronic components of the board, you can't clean it with a wet towel, but only with a dry brush.) 4. Check whether the linkage mechanism at the outlet of the vending machine can switch normally; 5. Turn on the power and test the output of the machine. Whether the goods and change are normal. 6. Regularly check whether the sensitivity of the touch screen of the vending machine is normal, and clean the surface of the touch screen in time to ensure its clarity and sensitivity. Customers who do the above points can effectively reduce the equipment failure rate, extend the life of the machine, and make the vending machine operate stably and efficiently. More can be consulted by phone!
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