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Summer foaming vending machine which details to pay attention to

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Use high temperature climate, summer foaming vending machine operation needs pay attention to what? To strengthen food safety control, high temperature nationwide, foaming in the vending machine products, such as simple metamorphosis, erosion condition, operators to strengthen the food safety is dealt with. Especially for some low temperature, short, fresh products, to add the warehouse inspection check, strengthen together to transport and control in the process of operation, to avoid the present food safety hazards. Strengthen the vending machine risk view, because the climate is hot, pay special attention to equipment of electrical fire safety, the equipment check to enforce rules. Under the condition of high temperature climate, short-term lightning, torrential rain, such as climate disaster prone, the facilities equipped with the necessary protection, such as adding grounding, shed, electrical safety protection switch, etc. To strengthen the protection of the vending machine is dealt with, the beverage products sale busy season is summer, in the process of operation should pay attention to timely replenishment, especially traffic larger area. In addition because foam vending machine to add the use of frequency, part of the foaming vending machine in the process of using present fault probability will also have to add, we will according to actual condition of timing problem. Strengthen the vending machine maintenance, the summer temperatures varied rain more, because pickup mouth and connected to the outside world is very simple present stains and water, be sure to check the pickup in its mouth health, prevent contamination products, bring users owe good consumer experience. See if pickup mouth can turn in time, if discover problems timely repair or replacement.
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