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Special period of no contact with shopping, the high-end version of infinite treasure box vending machine please understand

by:Haloo      2020-11-22
We all know that in three years ago in 2017 is easy to touch technology to pay treasure launched a sensational shopping can support without contact of the vending machine infinite treasure box, after three years of development the infinite treasure box hardware and software upgrade several times, in multiple areas of cumulative total up to more than thirty thousand units, also won the operators and individual user's extensive praise. As the high-end models in the infinite treasure box series, aisle 6 layer configuration models before the retail price of 9690 yuan, Tax excluding freight) New Year's day, on sale now only need $8600 tax package also mail ( Southwest northwest remote areas such as right amount and freight) , in addition also presented a iot card 120 yuan, equivalent to the price plummeted more than 1600 +, given unprecedented, number of effective running out! The unmanned vending machine does not change the overall size, height 1910 mm, width 836 mm, 836 mm thickness; Adopting integrated foam box body, heat preservation is better overall structure intensity is higher; Using a new generation of whole netcom 4 g industrial control network more stable; PC background restructuring upgrade, new goods entry section more concise and easy to use; 6 layer feeding box is suitable for the goods, sell a variety of sizes up to 42 kinds of 270 pieces, cover the barrel surface, bread, biscuits, dairy products, beverage container loading, daily necessities and other kinds of goods, very practical, suitable for delivery at the door of the shop, business street, square, tourist attractions, railway stations, schools, factories, hospitals, office buildings and other places. It is also easy to the vending machine management, through the mobile phone or computer login account management can anywhere regulatory sales data of the machine and machine status, also can modify the inventory, price, operation, such as machine temperature according to the sales report regularly to replenishment, easier then, very suitable for mass operations and self-employed operators, the use spare time part-time business office worker. Straight down 1600 +, also hold how to use, manufacturers selling no middlemen to earn price difference, considerate service, what are you waiting for? !
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