Some knowledge you must know about the business operation of vending medicine machine

by:Haloo      2021-09-08
Different from the general food and beverage vending machine business, the vending machine has stricter management requirements, and there are more points to pay attention to in operation. Here, after consulting the information experts and research materials, I will share with you Some. for reference only! (1) Strictly abide by relevant national and local drug management policies, laws and regulations. The most critical ones are the 'Pharmaceutical Administration Law of the People's Republic of China' and the 'Administrative Measures for Pharmaceutical Business Licenses' and so on. (2) The vending machine business must obtain relevant business permits before starting business operations! (3) The place where the vending machine is deployed should meet the management requirements of the local urban management and related management departments. It is generally recommended to rely on its own physical pharmacies for deployment. (4) The place where the automatic medicine vending machine is placed should be protected from direct sunlight and rain. At the same time, the quality control conditions and measures of the drugs sold, such as temperature control and humidity, should be guaranteed. (5) The place where the vending machine is placed should be clean, hygienic and far away from toxic, harmful or other pollution sources. (6) The external and internal medicines sold in the equipment should be relatively separated. (7) The equipment is recommended to be equipped with a 24-hour pharmacist guidance function, so that consumers can sell drugs under the guidance of a qualified pharmacist. (8) The management personnel of the automatic medicine vending machine should have the qualification of a licensed pharmacist. (9) A whole-process traceability system should be established for drugs sold by automatic drug vending machines, and the establishment of an Internet information traceability system is recommended. (10) It is recommended that the automatic drug vending machine only sell general non-prescription drugs. If relevant non-prescription drugs have special management requirements, they should promptly consult the local drug regulatory department to confirm that they can be sold before they can be sold. (11) Automated drug vending machine enterprises should establish a warehousing and logistics system that meets national requirements. If a third party is entrusted to provide services, the third party should have the corresponding qualifications. (12) The equipment used by automatic medicine vending machine companies to sell medicines should be special equipment, and the equipment should meet the corresponding national electrical safety, sanitation, and functional requirements. Scan the QR code on WeChat and follow the QR code below, and regularly push new retail copywriting
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