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Solve some problems of vending machines

by:Haloo      2023-03-21
Vending machines will have a major change in people's lives. Nowadays, the payment method for people to travel has gradually changed from cash to online payment, from the previous wallet to the current mobile phone, and now the merchants in the market have gradually changed to WeChat or Alipay to collect money, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of no change At the same time, it is also much more convenient. People only need a mobile phone to go out, and merchants are not satisfied with the status quo. They have gradually broken this traditional shopping method and opened various fields of unmanned retail. However, in terms of food, The business model of no one seems to be unworkable, but the beverage vending machine has broken the deadlock and achieved a real“No one retails, but also ensures the freshness of food. Unmanned open shelves gradually come into people's attention, and the biggest problem is the loss of merchants caused by theft and missed payment. And out of consideration for the protection of merchants, unmanned shelves dare not try products with high unit price and high gross profit. Therefore, the normal temperature unmanned shelves currently on the market have little difference in products, and most of them are packaged snacks within 10 yuan. , Commodities with a unit price higher than 15 yuan are rarely involved. On the other hand, for beverage vending machines, it is more convenient to pay by scanning the QR code on WeChat. This marketing model not only facilitates the common people, but also solves the bad phenomenon of lost, stolen, and damaged items. At present, in the field of unmanned vending, beverage vending machines have already been engaged in a competition.“A self-challenging game. Compared with simply chasing the trend, what he is doing is“Create vents. Of course, this road may not be smooth sailing, but I believe that with vending machines relying on their own clear cognition and steady operation, we will soon see a more mature one that can further enable consumers to enjoy more at any time. Unmanned new retail industry with new retail dividends.
The global market was valued at commercial vending machine in vending machine manufacturers and is expected to reach a market value of commercial vending machine by vending machine manufacturers, with a CAGR of commercial vending machine during the forecast period.
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