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Solution of milk/drink vending machine for primary and middle school students on campus

by:Haloo      2021-03-14
Primary and middle school students are in a critical period of growth and development. Scientific nutritional supply is an important material basis to ensure their healthy growth and good development. For students who are in growth and development, they need to drink milk regularly and quantitatively to relieve nutritional deficiencies, supplement energy, and promote growth. For growth, low-temperature milk such as fresh milk and yogurt has the highest nutritional value, which is more conducive to the healthy growth of students. At present, there are some disadvantages in the uniform distribution of milk in schools: 1. Because of the inability to effectively refrigerate and keep fresh, the quality of milk is easily out of control, and the milk is mostly distributed at room temperature, which has low nutritional value. 2. The variety is single, and students lack the initiative to choose milk. 3. It is impossible for students to drink milk at the right time chosen by the students. Aiming at the primary and secondary school milk drinking project, after years of exploration and research, a set of mature implementation plans for primary and secondary school students’ milk has been formed to ensure that the dairy storage environment can be monitored and traced throughout the entire process, creating a high-quality milk service project for primary and secondary school students, and It has successfully cooperated with a number of operators to implement student milk projects in primary and secondary schools, and has gained a good reputation among schools and parents. The main operating model is: Operators deploy student milk vending machines in primary and secondary schools and issue student milk cards to students. After parents recharge via Alipay, WeChat, or cash, students use the milk cards to spend on the student milk vending machines. . What are the preparations for the vending machine to enter the campus? 1. The government recognizes and supports the 'Student Milk Plan' formulated by the state to improve the nutritional status of primary and secondary school students in my country and help young people grow up healthily. The recognition and support of the local government and relevant departments is a necessary guarantee for the successful implementation of the 'Student Milk Program' in the local area. After in-depth communication with local authorities, government forces can be used to increase the enthusiasm of schools to participate in the implementation of the'Student Milk Plan' by issuing documents or organizing special work meetings. 2. Point-of-site visits to the school. It is necessary to visit the school to investigate the number of students, whether to provide student milk, the current supply of student milk, the number of students drinking each day, etc., so as to facilitate the formulation of a vending machine deployment plan. 3. In the early stage of school support, it is necessary to prepare a thorough implementation plan for the promotion of student drinking milk entering the school, local government support documents, cooperation agreements, quality commitments, targeted publicity materials, etc. The school principal is the key to whether the'Student Milk Plan' enters the school Decision makers need in-depth communication and negotiation. 4. Campus promotion Operators and school teachers cooperate in the promotion of student milk vending machines, and promote it in the form of posters, event promotions, parent-child activities, publicity training, etc., to help the smooth development of the'Student Milk Plan'.
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