Social Survey Report on Consumer Use of Vending Machines

by:Haloo      2021-09-16
Through a survey on the current situation of consumers using vending machines on the streets of a secondary city, the convenience of use has become the place that everyone is most concerned about: vending machines are rarely used, unfamiliar, and often require the help of salespersons. Ms. Zhang said that she had never used a vending machine. Although she had seen it in some shopping malls, she did not know how to use it. The vending machine only sells fresh juice, and it costs 10 yuan for a cup. Compared with ordinary drinks, this price is still expensive, so it is not very acceptable. The survey found that vending machines are mostly found in shopping malls and schools, rather than on the streets like other cities. Mr. Zhang, a vending machine operator, said that vending machines appear indoors because vending machines are not common in our city at present, and there are not too many people who use them. If they are left unattended outdoors, some people do not understand. , The machine may be damaged. Mr. Zhang said that if the vending machine is placed indoors, there will be staff nearby to guide. The post-90s have a higher usage rate. Some post-90s are not unfamiliar with vending machines and have a higher usage rate. Compared to buying drinks in the supermarket, they prefer to use vending machines to buy, saying that this method is very novel and fashionable. The college student told reporters that he personally believes that using vending machines to buy drinks is a fashionable thing, which is more convenient and saves the trouble of queuing for payment. Some college students said that in addition to receiving cash, some vending machines can also be used to pay through mobile Alipay, which is very convenient.
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