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Small vending machines will be the 'storefront' of the future

by:Haloo      2021-03-14
Vending machines have been in China for many years, and they have always been tepid. With the emergence of the new retail concept, the flexible sales terminal model of small vending machines has re-entered people’s attention, and there is no one in the ups and downs. Convenience stores, unmanned shelves and other new business models have always been favored by the industry in the iterative wave of new business formats. Although they are not as popular as expected, in fact, more and more people have quietly joined the market layout, and the outbreak of vending machines It's coming soon. However, not all vending machines can take this ride. Traditional old-fashioned coin-operated machines and beverage machines will definitely face elimination with the popularity of smart vending machines, and vending machines will usher in a constant wave of smart iterations. So, what will the future vending machine look like? What degree of intelligence can be achieved? Vending machines will become as common as'storefronts'. Many people think that vending machines can only sell water, beverages, and adult products. However, vending machines that have been developed in foreign countries for decades, such as Japan, the United States, and Europe, have a wealth of items sold by vending machines, not only toys, clothes, vegetables, fruits, and even many uncommon ones. It was put in a vending machine for sale. With the development of the Chinese market, the products sold by vending machines will usher in a period of innovation, and more abundant products will appear in the vending machines for sale, and the vending machines will gradually become a store-like existence. Wanting vending opportunities to become as common as'shops', for the management of vending machines, we have independently developed a back-end, which can see the sales status of goods in real time, remind replenishment, and the new non-inductive payment vending machine, capsule-type front warehouse The storage design makes it possible for more categories of goods to enter the vending machine, and at the same time greatly improves the efficiency of loading and replenishment, indirectly reducing operating personnel and reducing operating costs. Touch-screen purchases become the mainstream In the era of the prevalence of QR codes, banknote machines have become a cumbersome, reducing spare parts, and each vending machine in several households is equipped with a touch screen to allow customers to directly purchase products. Make your purchase as simple as buying on a mobile phone. Product selection, payment, and shipment are fully intelligent. Consumers can clearly see the types and prices of goods on the screen, and they can easily purchase with their fingers. Buying large advertising screens can also be used for advertising, earning a lot of information media costs. Scan QR code payment becomes the basic configuration. Vending machines that do not support mobile payment are bound to die. It is only a matter of time. This is beyond doubt. Flexible and convenient mobile payment methods are not only a requirement for consumption upgrades, but also an inevitable technological revolution. Scan QR code payment has almost become standard now. Machines and equipment become big data portals. The intelligent operating system on vending machines can intelligently control all goods. Every purchase of consumers becomes a data source for user portrait and purchase preference analysis. Operators can clearly understand through big data analysis. According to the needs and preferences of consumers, it guides purchase, distribution, sales and other links. The purchase, sales and inventory management based on data analysis allows operators to increase sales more scientifically and effectively. Operators who have a large amount of user consumption data will also become the party who owns consumers in the future. Vending machines will also be connected to multi-terminal mobile portals, such as Beifan’s smart vending machines and WeChat official account portals. Operators can interact with users through WeChat, carry out precision marketing, and use the results of big data analysis to make more effective Reverse optimization of product selection and marketing activities. In the future, with the development of technology and the update and iteration of the mobile terminal, more portals will be connected to the vending machines. Consumers will use the mobile APP to find the location of the vending machines, place orders and pick up goods, and operators will conduct promotional activities through various portals. , Recruiting activities, interactive marketing, such as issuing coupons through WeChat, launching lucky draws, etc., the cost of attracting new customers will be greatly reduced. Intelligent management and control replaces manual management of Internet access machines. Whether it is equipment failure or out of stock, it can respond to the management side (including mobile phone and computer) in real time. For example, when a vending machine fails, the monitoring system will quickly detect and issue a warning; and when the milk or potato chips are sold out, it will promptly send a replenishment signal to the manager, and there is no need to go to the site for inspections, which is very convenient Management of the operator. The intelligent management background can effectively control the precise management of inventory and supply chain, effectively reduce inventory pressure and purchase replenishment pressure, and even achieve zero inventory. Derivation of functions-not only the vending machine is not only a breakthrough in product selection, the future vending machine will not only be satisfied with being a sales terminal, advertising, social networking, information release, communication platform, etc. have unlimited possibilities. Based on the large-screen design of the new generation of vending machines and the intelligence of the operating system, it is a mature application to realize the display of advertisements on the screen, or it is not necessary that a product introduction like Taobao’s baby details page appears after clicking on the product; Or, posting an object-hunting notice, an advertisement for making friends, and real-time reviews of products on ubiquitous vending machines... are all very possible, and there is huge room for imagination.
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