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Small vending machine-vending machine

by:Haloo      2021-03-24
Small vending machine Conjoined double cabinets, how much does it cost for a single unit, taking into account high cost performance and exclusive performance. Adopt armor bullet technique, powerful cargo lane fashion design, and perfect space utilization rate; it can support the combination of various cargo lane methods, including the exhibition of product varieties. Panoramic space area size upgrade level Small vending machines have up to 40 SKUs in the entire equipment, and up to 600 product layouts. The capacity of the entire equipment is 60% more than that of vending machines in the same area, which greatly enhances operational efficiency and Sales degree; panoramic merchandise arrangement windows, clear at a glance, the merchandise is so beautiful, it activates unlimited buying desires. The storage arrangement is golden to match the small vending machine fruit and ice black tea separately. The 50% ice black tea and 20% fruit products are arranged in a golden ratio, which not only meets the needs of customers for Taobao, but also brings new profitable business opportunities to the ice black tea vending machine dealers. . Shopping cart ability to upgrade the quality of life. Small vending machines can buy different goods at one time, assist in double cabinets and deliver them, 24 hours mobile phone scan code selection, transaction, AD control, fast monitoring, and ability to empower mobile online stores , Connect people, goods and scenes intelligently, and improve the quality of life experience in an all-round way. The current keywords are: General Manager's Office Net Red Lucky Bag Machine Sheet Metal Production Workshop 5 Previous: Unmanned Vending Machine-Vending Machine
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