Similar to the vending machine of unmanned service mode more and more!

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
In today's new retail environment, produced a variety of new species, a lot of influence on the consumer scenario, as the change of consumption structure caused the consumer to upgrade! The change in the consumer demand on the market, many category structure to change! More and more consumers for customization commodity demand is higher and higher, just need to consume before consumer attention, and now the proportion of service consumption rising, for the younger generation, makeup, tourism product is the main demand! Bad consumers begin to pursue the brand and quality, and price requirements slowly reduce! Performance on the use value of this deep demand, such as in food consumption, consumers begin to pay attention to the material, taste and nutrition of food health problems, more concern for food labeling information! In terms of consumption experience to upgrade, but also in many aspects such as purchase channels to express service, including real-time shopping becomes more and more important, sell and representatives of electricity as the core, many businesses are beginning to use drinks vending machine to carry on the transformation and upgrading, to improve storage capacity and logistics instant delivery! There is another dimension, experience brought by the upgrading of consumption upgrade also expressed in terms of membership service, also paid a lot of consumer to enjoy customized service!
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