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Shared fruit and vegetable shop enters community service

by:Haloo      2023-09-11
The self-service fruit and vegetable machine in the shared fruit and vegetable store, as a new fresh retail terminal display cabinet that directly contacts community consumers, is in an advantageous position in the fresh food industry. Compared with offline physical stores, it is closer to consumers. Physical stores generally radiate users in the area within 1 kilometer, so most people who want to buy fresh food ride or drive there. The shared fruit and vegetable store is different. It directly enters the community for internal services, and the distance from consumers is only 100 meters. It is convenient and fast to bring back the fresh food needed by the family between going upstairs and downstairs. Compared with online shopping, the products in the shared fruit and vegetable store can be seen and touched, and there is no need to worry about damage. Especially at this stage, I can often see the phenomenon of violent sorting. Fresh products are most afraid of bumps. Once bumped, they are easy to rot, which affects our shopping mood. Therefore, it is against this background that the shared fruit and vegetable store that combines online and offline sales platforms has developed rapidly. In addition to the automatic vending function, Zhixiaoxian’s shared fruit and vegetable store online platform also has various forms of services, such as community group shopping. Through the WeChat group, the owners in the community are organized to purchase fresh products together, and the completion is completed the next day. delivery. From the operator's point of view, it has expanded revenue, reduced inventory, invaded the circle of friends of community residents, achieved viral marketing, and increased customer base. From the perspective of consumers, shopping time is saved, fresh products are obtained at the lowest price, and living expenses are reduced. Both parties have achieved a win-win situation in the transaction process. The offline store solitaire function is for the elderly who do not know how to use smartphones. Through the offline advertising screen, you can also enjoy the same price as the online group joining, and realize the coverage of all ages in the community, so that no one will be left behind. consumer. In fact, compared with young people, the elderly need more care, and they also prefer the shared fruit and vegetable stores that directly enter the community. They don’t have to cross the road with baskets, they just need to buy from downstairs, which greatly increases the safety. . The service tenet of Zhixiaoxian Shared Fruit and Vegetable Store is to facilitate residents’ lives. It is hoped that more operators will participate to change the consumption pattern of fresh food together.
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