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by:Haloo      2020-11-14
Adult products industry, according to survey data show that professional statisticians sexual health supplies, with annual sales of up to ten billion yuan, including billions of yuan a condom alone. So we in the vending machine of investment do adult things, need to pay attention to what? 1, vending machines, vending machine should be regarded as one of the biggest part of the investment, the machine on the market at present all the same, industry is more transparent, so the price gap is not too big, the same model of machine is estimated at 2 - 3000. I'm from the aspects of the quality of the machines, price and functional considerations, chose the machines, price guaranteed, after-sales service in place. 2, the shop of rental shops, it is recommended that the control within the cost 20000 pieces ( More than three host stores) , recommended in the village. Put the two machines, give property 2000 dollars a year. This major is given priority to with the least amount of rent, the lower the better. Of course, such as railway stations, hospitals, student dormitory can, gains high efficiency. 3, the choice of the position location is very important, what to sell goods, choose what position should be carefully analyzed. About the reference factors of traffic data surrounding shops around the crowd age 3. After-sales service after-sales service, in fact is the key of the vending machine, we do choose so many brands, manufacturers, and products on the market are all the same, the difference is in and after-sales service, we China merchants failing is just received money, no matter later, after-sales problem can treat death. One-on-one service, one-on-one service, fault handling in time, the door handle when necessary. ( Hebei around 24 hours arrived at the scene, 72 hours of long-distance arrived) Can be customized according to the customer. Hotline:
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