Several reasons why Tesco self-service vending machines are popular in the community

by:Haloo      2021-04-22
Tesco is a source manufacturer, providing customers with high-quality, various series of self-service vending machines, and can provide subdivided products and professional customized equipment solutions for the different needs of customers. Now I will talk about several reasons why our products are popular in the community. One of the more popular in the community is an intelligent fresh cabinet under Tesco, which has a refrigeration function and is a product specially used to sell vegetables, fruits or fresh meat. 1. This self-service vending machine adopts the method of take first and pay later. Consumers can use WeChat or Alipay to scan the QR code and open the cabinet door to get the goods without paying. After closing the cabinet door, the device's smart electronic scale will automatically weigh and then automatically deduct money. Simplify operations and make shopping more convenient. 2. Shorten the shopping distance and save a lot of time. Smart fresh cabinets are generally placed in the streets downstairs in the community. Residents can buy a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and meat when they go downstairs, so the time it takes to buy vegetables will be reduced. Greatly shortened. If you go to the vegetable market to buy groceries as before, the distance is long, there are many people, and all kinds of smells are mixed together, and the taste is unpleasant. 3. It is convenient for the elderly to shop, and the legs and feet of the elderly are inconvenient. The self-service vending machine is placed downstairs, which can facilitate the elderly to buy food. Secondly, some elderly people do not use mobile phones, and it is difficult to use mobile phones to scan codes to buy food. This vending machine is equipped with a credit card payment function. The elderly can find the operator in their own community, receive an IC card, recharge a certain amount, and then swipe the card to buy food. The content and pictures of the article on this site are from the Internet. The content of the article does not represent the views of this site. The copyright belongs to the original author. If there is any infringement, please contact and delete it in time. This site does not bear any disputes and legal liabilities!
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