Several advantages of putting small vending machines in supermarkets

by:Haloo      2021-03-04
Now when it comes to vending machines, we will quickly think: subways, bus stations, train stations, factories, schools and other scenes with relatively large traffic, then do you know how the effects of other scenes are? Now Jack Ma’s Jingdong How is the vending machine in the unmanned supermarket now? Many investors believe that ordinary supermarkets do not have unmanned vending machines, so they will not be profitable at all. What is the real situation now? Nowadays, more and more supermarkets have begun to include unmanned vending machines as a standard facility in the purchasing list, especially small chain supermarkets, which are necessary for opening a store. The reason is simple. Due to the increasingly fierce competition in supermarkets, in order to increase the purchasing power of stores, supermarkets use vending machines as a drain. On the other hand, vending machines can set points or issue shopping coupons to increase consumers' desire to buy. There are several advantages of placing small vending machines in the supermarket: 1. Zero capital investment in the supermarket, zero inventory risk, lower labor operating costs, and 24-hour sales. 2. Enhance customer consumption experience, self-service sales of beverages and snacks, fresh products, etc., which will bring incremental customers. 3. Convenient operation, WeChat payment scan code payment, smart retail system. 4. There is no need to be on duty, self-service sales, convenient and flexible, and high-yield smart vending machines can be placed directly for easy management. Join the supermarket small vending machine now: fool, small investment, low threshold, fast return! Using the supermarket small vending machine can not only increase the shopping experience and satisfaction of the supermarket, but also increase the activity of the supermarket and increase the supermarket Revenue, establish the intelligent image of supermarkets, and vending machines will usher in an explosion in the next few years.
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