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Self-service vending machines are a representative of scenario

by:Haloo      2021-04-22
The hotel adult product self-service vending machine, from the name of the hotel, knows that it is specially placed in the hotel scene, and is known as the unmanned vending machine for sex toys by the guest's pillow! Because this type of self-service vending machine is very small, it is very simple to hang on the bedside or on the wall, and the space occupied by the room is basically negligible, so it is called a small vending machine! You can choose adult products such as condoms and vibrators for the products sold in the guest vending machine. The method of purchase is also very simple. Just select the products you need, then scan the QR code, pay via WeChat and Alipay, and the cabinet will be When you open it, consumers can take the product away, and can view detailed information such as how to use the product when scanning the code! In fact, many guests staying in hotels often encounter this situation. When they need adult products, they feel embarrassed to call the front desk. Do they wear nightgowns to find shops on the street to buy them? This is not only embarrassing, but also wastes a lot of time! Now that the mobile payment model continues to mature, and the consumer experience is constantly improving, condoms, sex toys, can be sold at any time in a scenario where hotel guests have relatively high consumer demand!
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