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Seen three meters tall beverage vending machine and more than forty kilometers long noodles?

by:Haloo      2021-01-28
Recently in Tokyo hibiya square, appeared a coke vending machine, as long as you press the button, can receive free drinks! There might be someone asked everyone to press, the merchants soon pretty pathetic? Actually not so simple, because this drink vending machine button in the 3 m high place, out of the reach of the average person is, but a lot of people feel very, very interesting, some people still use the shaft to press, but by less than! This is according to the Coca-Cola company set the jumping height of the volleyball players, and made of volleyball vending machine! 3 m basic jump height of volleyball players, sounds is very interesting, but for ordinary consumers, like laugh at their reach, Coca-Cola didn't mean it, of course, this is the appropriate equipment for sports custom! Not only so, beside the Coca-Cola drinks vending machine and large bucket, containing nissin cup noodles, the nissin cup noodles don't know how many times the normal product, contains 42. 195 - kilometer - long noodles, at the right moment is the length of a marathon, it is said that the noodles taste one can eat for a long time. These products are actually in order to let everybody attaches great importance to the athletes, not only the ramen can of coke, there are still a lot of strange device!
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