Second and third tier cities consumer upgrades, drinks vending machine striving direction

by:Haloo      2021-01-24
Now many people no one just shelves and convenience stores is equivalent to a new retail, actually this is wrong, the scope of new retail is very big, like a vending machine, box Ma Xian raw, etc. , along with the transformation of the traditional retail, these all belong to the scope of new retail, although no one shelf and convenience stores may not succeed, but it doesn't mean the new retail will succeed. The emergence of new retail is mainly due to social urbanization rate is higher and higher, so the new retail will first consider the problems of urbanization, the urbanization rate high commercial form a complete set are relatively perfect, and in some second-tier cities urbanization rate is lower, many community facilities are not perfect, even some even mom-and-pop stores all have no, suggests that the supply of these places is not enough. Major cities housing prices too high now, a lot of people are not many disposal income, and some two or three cities dominate but higher income. Rainbow star started from 2015, found that the consumption upgrade lower-tier cities is quite obvious, think a lot of high-quality goods, often is the first popular in cities, and then carries on in the second - and third-tier cities. Now the second - and third-tier cities are rapidly upgrading, there will be a lot of new items appear, vending machines into the market now, and will be more rapid for layout, to get more competitive advantage.
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