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Retail through alibaba launched unmanned intelligent vending machine power convenience store!

by:Haloo      2021-01-22
As electricity dividend period in the past, the rising cost of drainage of online traffic bottleneck, began to appear a lot of online business started from online to offline, from offline for traffic entrance. This month 3, alibaba in the retail strategy conference, retail links, will be introduced to shop as the fulcrum of intelligent machines, used to help store prolong operation time, to broaden the scope of business. Recent retail launch into the market of equipment have smart orange juice vending machine, intelligent freshly brewed coffee vending machine and ice cream vending machine, and into the Tmall shop, including hangzhou binjiang concentrated center, yuhang dream town and binjiang day cat shop. Retail launch convenience to buy the vending machine, small stores and at zero cost to rent, can also set the background data for the optimization of commodity procurement, reduce the cost of replenishment. From the point of view of retail, with the online traffic bottlenecks, traffic line began to be seriously rise. And offline store industry has faced with the rising cost of artificial cost and the rent, this also is a vending machine ushered in the opportunity, the development of intelligent machines to the catering industry, fresh food and fast food or the smallest unit of laid to the appropriate service scenario, the traffic is more efficient to obtain, which further increases the plateau effect! The vending machine is a kind of important new retail track, and supply chain logistics and mobile payments as support, there will be more broad market space.
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