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Red wine the vending machine application scenario and there are many possible!

by:Haloo      2021-01-22
Face now no retail market trend, the traditional retail model is also need to add new retail technology. And many of the supermarkets have no retail enterprises to cooperate, can achieve online choose goods and delivery and other services! The pursuit of the retail industry is selling goods need at the lowest cost and the new retail model can be established, the key is can reduce the cost. Like the vending machine that unmanned retail mode compared with the traditional retail, through self-service and self-help settlement way, let the consumer in the process of shopping more convenient, consumers in reducing the time cost at the same time reduce the labor costs of enterprises to improve the efficiency of sales! Many retail professionals believe that there is no one to the new retail formats has been exploring this stage, the Internet of things and big data technology makes no one opened retail business more smoothly, but the technical cost and maintenance cost and other aspects of the profit is the main difficulty! So there is no retail change to achieve the expected situation but also a relatively far way, and the need to continuously explore, not only to solve the problem of what you bought, what do you want to buy problems is more important, the key direction of it is to improve consumer shopping experience. In artificial intelligence, data and other technical support, there is no retail application scenario for the more and more. There is a classic example, a person want to send a gift to a friend, only need to pay online, and then send the qr code to a friend, friend with qr code can lead in the nearest intelligence the vending machine to get the gift!
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