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Purchasing products of vending machines

by:Haloo      2021-12-04
The operation of self-service vending machines is related to many factors. One of the more important aspects is the aspect of purchasing products. Although the selection of points is particularly important, it is most important for a novice who has just entered the field of vending machines. The important thing is to buy some products and put them in your vending machine. How to choose products and how to manage these products is the first difficulty facing novices. I will buy what goods sell well and sell quickly, and I will not buy goods which sell slowly and cannot sell. It seems that this has become the most important principle for beginners. This principle seems reasonable at first glance, but in fact, it has not been calculated by big data and lacks systemicity. If you operate according to this principle, there will be great risks. Although the backends of vending machines are intelligently networked, the sales of various commodities can be analyzed through backend data, but those products with ordinary sales must not be cut off, leaving only some fast-selling commodities. Because the profits of fast-moving products are generally not high, and although slow-moving products sell slowly, their profits are generally far higher than those of fast-moving products. Therefore, in general, fast-moving products can be placed in several more lanes, and slow-moving products can be placed in a few less lanes. This benefit is much higher than that of fast-moving products. When we purchase products, we must consider short-term, mid-term, and long-term delivery strategies to purchase. We can divide products into several categories: Fast-moving products: Fast-moving products refer to products that sell very quickly, such as various carbonated beverages in summer, such as ice cola, ice tea, and mineral water. Although the individual profit is not high, the profit is quite considerable because it sells quickly and the quantity changes cause qualitative changes. Everyone likes this kind of products, so it is recommended that you put this kind of products in the vending machine to increase the proportion. High-margin products: High-margin products refer to products with relatively high profits for a single product. For example, the profit of a single product of a certain yogurt can reach five or six yuan, and the profit of ten bottles of cola may be comparable to a bottle of yogurt. However, the audience for this product is not so wide, and the sales volume is relatively small. For this kind of product, it is recommended that there are fewer cargo lanes in the vending machine. Potential products: Potential products refer to products that can be predicted to increase sales in a period of time, such as the Lantern Festival before the Lantern Festival, Zongzi before the Dragon Boat Festival and other products. For this type of product, we can temporarily increase the quota for a certain type of product based on time. For example, a few days before the Lantern Festival, we can put more Lantern Festival. Obsolete products: Obsolete products refer to products that are about to be eliminated, such as those in the vending machine that have not been sold for a long time or can only be sold a little for a long time. Or products such as moon cakes after the Mid-Autumn Festival. It is recommended that these products be replaced in time, because they only occupy space in the vending machine, and it is difficult to generate transactions. In summary, I believe that everyone should understand from the description of the editor of Henan vending machine manufacturer, how to buy and display products, Du Yu vending machine sales are all influential.
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