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Purchase standards and requirements of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
High appearance level represents the income, besides automaton products exhibit clean orderly, fuselage stick, KT board, such as the external packaging is also in order to better display the brand image, also increased the vending machines together to showcase their products. Image differences influence the customer's desire. So the high level of appearance with high income. Punctuality to check the background, avoid machine is out of stock, and buy the products customers before the vending machine because most real-time requirements, when want to buy the product without this kind of feeling is very unhappy. Secondary consumer wants, not only affects the customers in a more direct impact to the revenue, punctual view the data cloud approach, machine of easily out of stock replenishment, constitute a useful replenishment roadmap. Add goods are - at a time Time to play, it is generally only will rely on what they see, replenishment time shows the background, and show the mood. Even if customers don't buy now, will remember that there are so a local can buy. Because specialty, also on remember together, remember there's a service.
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