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Profiteering and monopolizing the 24-hour hotel vending machine Nuggets fun market

by:Haloo      2021-04-20
Guide: How about unmanned vending machines selling sex toys and adult products? When it comes to sex toys, many people's reaction is, 'This kind of thing is extremely profitable, and the people who buy it don't bargain.' I have never heard that selling adult products does not make money. Unmanned vending machines sell sex toys. How about adult products? When it comes to sex toys, many people's reaction is,'This kind of stuff is hugely profitable', the people who buy it don't bargain', and I haven't heard of selling adult products that don't make money, but they are just making a fortune..... .. Sex toys are often listed as one of China's top hidden profiteering industries. Objectively speaking, this is indeed the case. The market of 100 billion yuan is about to take shape. According to the 'Special Research Report on Chinese Sex Toys' released by iiMedia Consulting, it is expected that the scale of China's erotic e-commerce market will exceed 60 billion yuan in 2020, and the size of the entire Chinese sex toys market will exceed 130 billion yuan. Hotel: The market survey report of adult products in the use of sex toys shows that'hotels and guesthouses account for 56% of the places where adult products are used, 35% for home use, and 9% for entertainment and other use'. Hotels have undoubtedly become the largest market for the consumption, sales and use of adult sex toys. Although expensive is the first use scene for sex toys, the sales of sex toys in hotels are not optimistic. Many sex toys in hotels have been placed for a long time and no one uses them. The reason is nothing more than worry about privacy leakage. When the customer checked out and checked out, the intercom at the front desk heard the house-rounder shouting, 'The xxx room used a bottle of Indian oil' or 'The box of condoms in the xxx room was all used up.' The embarrassment can be imagined. 24h shared hotel self-service vending machine is a powerful tool to resolve embarrassment. With the popularization of mobile payment and the maturity of the Internet of Things technology, the self-service vending machine developed by Kangyun Technology for hotels can be purchased and used only by scanning the code on the mobile phone, avoiding the embarrassment of privacy leakage . Based on mobile payment + cloud platform + Internet of Things technology, Jiankangyun Technology began to develop and design self-service vending machines in September 2018. After more than five months of modification and upgrade, the first batch of equipment was tested offline in the hotel. National investment promotion has been launched. The evaluation data shows that the equipment has been greatly improved in terms of safety and stability, far superior to similar competitors in the market. Monopoly: Once the self-service vending machine settles in the hotel, it monopolizes the entire hotel's guest rooms. Even if there are automatic sex vending rooms nearby, many residents cannot look for it aimlessly because they are unfamiliar; many people sell sex toys in the surrounding small shops. Also ashamed to buy. For customers, there is no need to go out of the room, no need to check out at the front desk, and no embarrassment to consume sex toys; for hotels, room inspections can be avoided, labor costs are saved, check-out time is reduced, and the check-in experience is improved. Profiteering: As a product for instant consumption, many people do not consider the price when their passion is on the verge, so even if the product is more expensive than the outside world, most of them don't care. In addition, the sex product is originally very profitable and the profit is very considerable. In the past National Day, the number of outbound tourists was as high as 782 million, and the consumption was 649.71 billion yuan. The hotel industry is undoubtedly one of the industries that benefited the most.
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