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Production of vending machine chassis is you don't know what are the requirements

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
Active vending machine is a business initiative of commonly used equipment, it is not subject to the constraints of time and address, can save manpower, this business, is a kind of new commercial retail, also known as miniature supermarket operating 24 hours a day. Can be divided into three types: active drinks vending machine, food vending machine, general active vending machine. Active vending machine development up to now, its function become more and more, the existing goods transport way to have a variety of way, the most common of which are set up in each aisle backend motor, motor via edge, deliver goods the arrival of the goods directly drops to the exit, this kind of structure is more cumbersome, take up the space is larger, and each item is set behind the motor, the production cost is higher, aisle manufacturing complex, failure rate is greatly increased. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a high space utilization, compact structure of the active sales chassis. Practical new content: aiming at the problem existing in the existing technology, the purpose of this practical new type is to supply a kind of active sales chassis, its scientific and reasonable, the equipment maintenance is a kind of planning lunch initiative vending chassis. With modern chooses technical scheme is as follows: - Active sales chassis, including rectangular shape chassis shell and described in the container inside the chassis shell, chassis shell including rear panel board, and two sides of the container including cabinet put oneself in another's position, cupboard door, described a number of cabinet put oneself in another's position inside the goods described in storage rack and a cooling device, as described in item storage rack include objects used in support of beverage bottle board and stated in our r baffle board is used to limit mentioned bottles.
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