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Problems that need to be paid attention to when starting a vending machine business

by:Haloo      2021-10-03
Operating a vending machine has a very good market prospect, but it does not mean that you can operate a vending machine very well. Let me briefly talk about a few more important issues that need to be paid attention to: choosing the right product. It is very important to use the vending machine to sell the goods. The most suitable ones are fast-moving consumer goods, such as common snacks and beverages, instant noodles, lunch boxes, and fruits. (Some people may say that it is a big pit for adult products to be sold by practical vending machines. The reason is simple. The market for adult products is not supervised and it is chaotic. Everyone prefers to buy online stores of big brands. They are worried that fake products are rarely bought. Vending machines to buy.) Choose the right business model. There are two main types: franchise and self-service operation. It is generally not recommended to join. The reason is simple, you pay a lot of franchise fees to the franchise companies, you sell goods to the franchise companies, you promote the franchise companies, and they get the bulk of the profits. You have to bear all the risks, and the money you lose is your own, which is definitely not appropriate. There are two types of self-service operations, namely, buying machines from manufacturers and renting machines from large operating companies. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For short-term use, such as a few months or one or two years, it is more appropriate to rent the machine, and it is more convenient to return it after use. If it is a long-term use, it is definitely cost-effective to buy the machine directly from the manufacturer, because a new machine can be bought with a rent of 1-2 years, and the lifespan of the new machine can reach 10 years. Choose the right vending machine. Vending machines with different cargo lanes are suitable for selling different commodities, and they are generally dedicated to special funds. Machines in the snake-shaped cargo lane sell bottled and canned drinks; machines in the spring/track cargo lane sell a variety of lighter goods such as snacks, bread, instant noodles, etc.; multi-door lattice cabinets sell products with complex shapes, large volumes, and heavy weights. Or commodity packages; vending machines with lifts sell fragile and fragile commodities such as lunch, fruits, vegetables, and eggs. In addition, you must choose a vending machine of a big brand. In any case, the vending machine is like a taxi as a tool to make money for entrepreneurship. The quality must be good and the function must be complete, and the after-sales must be kept up. 100,000 Volkswagen runs all over the street, and 30,000 off-brand cars are not dared to run for rent. At the expense of quality, one thousand yuan will be saved. In the later stage, the profit will be more than ten thousand yuan, which is the least cost-effective. In addition, the functions of the vending machine must be complete, and it must support WeChat, Alipay and other mobile phone scan code payment. Now the aunts in the vegetable market use their mobile phones to scan the QR code to collect money. Everyone must keep up with the pace of the times. People who like to bring change are more and more. The less. The vending machine must support a full-featured wireless remote management backend, which can monitor the operation data of the vending machine anytime and anywhere. You can see how much goods are sold and how many goods are left at a glance. You can know the details of the operation without going to the site in person. Circumstances, can greatly reduce the expenditure of manpower and material resources, improve operating efficiency and reduce overall operating costs. Choose the right point. Locations are very important for operating vending machines. At present, better locations are schools (downstairs in the dormitory, teaching building lobby, library lobby, next to the playground, etc.), hospitals (waiting rooms, consulting service halls, etc.) The entrance of the inpatient building, etc.), the factory (the entrance of the workshop, the side of the road to and from get off work, the downstairs of the dormitory, etc.), subway, high-speed rail, train station, bus station, waiting room, etc. The characteristics of such places are relatively closed space and low competition. In addition, when choosing a spot, you also need to look at the quality of the flow of people. It is not necessarily good if there is a large number of people. For example, the sign of a train station has a particularly large flow of people. It is the place where everyone gets on and off, but everyone is busy. Very few people will stop to buy things while getting on and off the bus, and it is much better to put the vending machine in the waiting room! Analyze operational data on a regular basis. It is necessary to analyze the back-end operational data regularly to see which products are sold more and which products are profitable, and allocate quotas for various products reasonably to maximize profits. We also need to analyze the impact of holidays. There are differences in what people consume at different time points. There must be a mechanism for quickly handling grievances. In any case, the vending machine is a machine. There will always be accidents in the machine. For example, the machine gets stuck after the customer pays. It must be handled in time, otherwise it will affect the sales of the product and its own reputation. The vending machines in many places rely on repeat customers for consumption, and they won't come back if the card is not processed. [Note: Although the jam is a small probability event, it cannot be eliminated. There are many reasons. For example, the location of the mobile phone signal is not good and the instruction transmission is not smooth. The probability of stuck goods will be higher. So be careful when placing goods. 】In China, the vending machine industry has just emerged, and the prospects are still very good.
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