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Prerequisites for the location of self-service vending machines to measure the flow of people

by:Haloo      2021-11-25
We put the flow of people first in the location of the self-service machine. The flow of people is the most accurate, direct and objective reflection of the flow of people at the location of the self-service vending machine. It is a necessary condition for the good operation of the self-service vending machine. The homework we must do before we operate a self-service vending machine. Today, we will give you a popular science on how to calculate the flow of people. Let’s let the self-service vending machine be deployed without any confusion? The prerequisites for the location of the self-service vending machine to measure the flow of people: 1. The flow of people needs to be calculated to avoid abnormal weather. Avoid holidays and special dates. 2. It is necessary to avoid or consider factors such as construction and traffic control that will affect the flow of people around the store. 3. When calculating the flow of people, it is necessary to consider the potential impact on the flow of people due to the changes or the new establishment of traffic stations such as bus stations, subway entrances and exits. 4. The monitoring time of the flow of people is usually the same as the business hours of the vending machine, usually from 8 am to 10 pm, or the time of high-frequency demand for the goods sold. 5. The monitoring cycle of the flow of people is at least one week and seven days. For offline retail, self-service vending machines with various retail functions on the market, such as snack vending machines, self-service juice machines, self-service coffee machines, lunch vending machines, self-service express cabinets, etc., have begun to spread all over the city's streets and lanes. How to network vending machines and monitor the running status of the equipment in real time, as well as the sales of vending machine equipment, and keep abreast of the inventory status in time. Internet + vending machine wireless networking system solution.
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