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Play 'earning' unmanned retail | Where can vending machines be more profitable?

by:Haloo      2021-03-15
Where can I put the vending machine to make money? We all know that the position of a vending machine largely determines sales. In the vending machine industry, some have a monthly income of tens of thousands, and some people even lose money, so we must understand where the vending machine is to make money. Vending machines are small-cost ventures, and the cost of investment is relatively low. Choosing the right point will have a very high probability of profit. So, where do vending machines make money? The industry believes that the location of vending machines must consider the following factors: 1 Large flow of people and strong purchasing power Flow of people is undoubtedly the first factor to be considered for vending machines, and fast-moving flow of people can bring a steady stream of orders. Especially for vending machines that sell beverages, the demand for people flow is very large. Of course, we must also consider the demand for traffic and purchasing power. For example, places where there are a lot of boys, retail sales, such as places with a lot of girls. 2 Convenient water and electricity grids Today's vending machines are all smart, and need to be connected to the water grid to maintain the basic operation of the vending machines. If a beverage vending machine is put in, but it cannot be cooled in the summer, the outcome is predictable. Another example is a fresh juice machine, which requires a clean water source. 3 Convenient transportation. The vending machine needs to be restocked from time to time, so the route to the vending machine must be convenient. This is also convenient for consumers to buy, otherwise it will invisibly increase a lot of operating costs. 4 The advantage of a vending machine with a low degree of competitiveness is that it is convenient to purchase products. However, there is not much advantage in product prices, so in places with dense convenience stores, the competitiveness of vending machines will be relatively small. 5 Perfect security measures. Vending machines are unmanned, and the security requirements are relatively high, so as to avoid deliberate destruction or theft. If there are no security measures, you can also install a high-definition camera by yourself. Specifically, according to the experience of industry insiders, it is better to place vending machines in the following areas: 1. Areas with a large flow of people: such as transportation hubs (airports, railway stations, bus stations, subway stations, etc.); 2. , Semi-enclosed occasions: such as high-end office buildings, factories, hospitals, universities, scenic spots, hotels, shopping malls, etc.; in addition, you can also choose according to your own resources, such as the interior of the community. In addition to points, operating vending machines also need to choose suitable partners. For example, purchasing equipment requires a strong and reliable brand; if it is to join, there are more factors to consider. Vending machines, providing vending machine sales, vending machine system mall development and customization.
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