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Overall rise of new retail model, the vending machine industry prospects

by:Haloo      2020-11-13
, artificial and rent is very cheap, and science and technology, the vending machine has absolute cost advantage. Science and technology from the vending machine stick in Japan, the sales staff of average monthly income is 20000 yuan. Because Japan vending machine price is low, a sales personnel salary may be higher than the value of a vending machine. Even in the first-tier cities, China one month's salary is only a few thousand yuan, but at home I would have to buy a automatic vending machine cost tens of thousands of yuan. It is obvious that China's labor cost is relatively low, so there is no need to use machine to replace. Second, the different culture of different consumption concept. On the basis of Confucianism, the Chinese people are good at working with people. Shopping time obviously feel this point. I'm sure a lot of people are judged by observing the clerk number shop quality. Store, customers can feel the warm service, see if there was any promotion at any time. But even if you don't need long queues, science and technology the vending machine can't do this. Three, product variety is single, which is difficult for consumers to accept. The main selling drinks, water, snacks and adult products and other supplies. Science and technology the vending machine sold 6000 goods in Japan. Vending machines in China compared with Japan, the species is less, and there is no competition. Forty-six million small shops and relatively single Japanese retail form provides a space for the development of the vending machine. Consumption upgrade in the 1970 s, Japanese vending machine and now fast food machine, can satisfy the needs of rapid consumption. In China, there are six hundred small shops, in the service of its surrounding two kilometers within the scope of the consumers. No matter where you are a city, you can at any time in the street to see a variety of convenience stores, restaurants and stores. Line 3 and line 4 of the city soon caught up with a small shop in first-tier cities 24-hour convenience stores. Five, high operating costs. As you know, to make a vending machine to work properly, need professional operation team. Because most of the vending machine now exports are distribution, so the operator to pay a high operation cost, and operation team is much higher than the cost of the waiter. Wages and relocation also need a certain number of operating expenses. This vending machine can transfer labor costs. Six, consumption is decided by economic foundation. By the end of 2000, compared with China, only more than $800, per capita gross domestic product is in low and middle income countries. Because China's large population, city development not balanced, different levels of consumer consumption idea also is not the same. If line 3 and line 4 cities have vending machines, unless the vending machine goods cheaper than shop, otherwise no one will come. 7. Few branches. There is a big market in China, but the vending machine has not been large-scale promotion. To find a reasonable profit model. Many people think, automatic vending machine profits, must have the economies of scale. Machine into the more, the more points they can get, so it can increase sales, reduce the purchasing cost. Large-scale investment in a fixed area will reduce the management cost on average.
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