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Operation time of the vending machine

by:Haloo      2020-11-12
New retail become popular, today's intent is to end online and the integration of the logistics, to amend the electric business format. What is electricity? Electricity also is the electronic commerce, taobao, Tmall, jingdong, amazon is the typical electrical products brand. Merchants door within the electricity demand in set up their own shop boss, operation of the product and sale are in the way. New retail is to let each merchants have a for his way. Shallow point about electrical business is a lotus pond, merchants fish is in the door, the livelihood of all fish, activities can only be in the lotus pond; The new retail is released from all in the lotus pond, the fish, let each fish has a lotus pond. Electricity is more of a mediation approach, while the new retail is not demand the intermediaries, directly to the customer. Electricity is on the real business impact, because it takes advantage of the Internet skills, let people's consumption to have online, you can take the product at home. This formed the people once when buying products, more willing to choose electricity supply. Such as clothes and books are the most happy to consumer products on the Internet. New retail to active vending machine for example, its online more primary function is facing operators, through the Internet skills to be able to query and summarization of the end of product sales situation, convenient operators in a timely manner to adjust replenishment as well as to the product type. Active vending machine in customer this piece, the product information can be get customers, whether it is a product of detailed information is still the other customer reviews of it, can be obtained. On pay, take the initiative to vending machine support phone line, make the customer go out don't have to take money, a mobile phone all done. Mobile phone pay has become people's main consumption method, the reason is that make a more convenient, mobile phones can accurate cutting amount, don't need complicated change. Active vending machine also support 24 hours operation, it is good to help the entity business than in the closed end product sales. Entities, super if 24 hours operation, so on the artificial cost cost is relatively high. Active vending machine even replenishment demand by the artificial expenses are omitted. Active vending machine and entity business is how blend? Entities themselves with supply of goods, so can directly to throw into active vending machine products. Active completion of vending machine to assist business super sale, inventory reduction. Active sales function according to the sensitivity adjustment of traffic and sales of the other party, the entity business super store rental expensive and fixed, and active vending machine is able to change, make entity business super sale way more broad.
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