Operation of dry goods | How to expand the profit range of vending machines?

by:Haloo      2021-08-16
Since 2017, the unmanned retail wave started by e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba has taken the world by storm. For a while, unmanned retail and self-service vending have become popular development projects that everyone is optimistic about. With the improvement of people's living standards, humanization and convenience have gradually become important guiding factors for market consumption, and the self-service retail industry fits this point: meeting people's shopping needs anytime, anywhere. And more and more people are quickly 'using' vending machines to seize the opportunity and seize the sales area. So the question is-what is the profit of the vending machine and how to expand it? Vending machines are generally concerned by everyone nowadays, and the problem of profit has always been a concern of everyone. The profit of vending machines is determined by many factors. As mentioned earlier, many people started to seize the area and seize the opportunity. The price of vending machines is low, and the variety is complete. The average machine is more than 20,000 yuan. Many machines also have ultra-clear full-view display screens, and you can get a part of the profits from advertising. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the profit of the vending machine, because as long as the venue is good enough, the vending machine will show good profit data. To quickly seize the market and seize regional opportunities, it is very important to point! Control costs, choose high performance-price ratio, low loss rate, and good warranty service. 01 Choose a location for a gathering place with a large flow of people, such as stations, schools, factories, office buildings, parks, entertainment venues, amusement parks, and public offices Wait. These places not only have a large flow of people, but also a long stay, so the demand is also great. '▼Take a school as an example: In schools, the traditional retail methods are generally supermarkets, commissaries, and newspapers, but they cannot fully meet the needs of students and it is difficult to operate all day. Vending machines can Self-service retailing 24 hours a day, all year round, is not only convenient, but also greatly reduces labor costs. There are other places where there is demand but are not suitable for opening stores, such as the hall of the teaching building library, the downstairs of the dormitory, and the playground. Vending machines can be placed on the ground, and the layout of the vending machines is more flexible. In addition to cash, the vending machines can also be customized for student meal cards, WeChat Alipay mobile phone scan code payment, the payment method is more convenient and novel, and students also like to try new things. In The school sells fast-moving consumer goods (common snacks and beverages), and the profit of a single product is not high, but the sales are very large, and they are sold quickly. Where you can pay back quickly, you can pay back in an average of one year in college, and you can pay back in an average of eight months when you sell dairy products in elementary schools. The key is to have a channel to get in. 02 Control costs to control purchase costs and choose cost-effective machines Some people say that the machine is very expensive at first glance, and the price-performance ratio is very low, but the cheap machine is used for one year, and the service life of the expensive machine is doubled. Can it be said that the cost-effectiveness is low? The machine’s discount rate and warranty service should be ours What you should care about when you buy a machine! 'Haloo has independent core technology and sustainable research and development capabilities in the industry, provides a full line of vending machines, and designs and provides high-quality subdivided vending machine products and professional self-service retail solutions for customers with different needs. Solutions. These vending machine products and solutions are globally oriented and widely used in schools, high-speed rails, airports, stations, shopping malls, hospitals, and enterprises. The haloo vending machine marketing and service network covers the whole country, and the products have been successfully distributed in 50 countries and more than 30 provinces and cities in China. Its innovative design, excellent quality and excellent performance have won the trust and respect of our customers.
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