Operation of dry goods

by:Haloo      2021-08-16
'The comprehensive merchandise vending machine in the spring cargo lane can sell beverages, snacks and other products with suitable packaging. It can meet the variety of sales at one point. It is more complete for the points where the demand for comprehensive products is relatively high. We will briefly introduce it. Let’s take a look at the replenishment tips for this type of vending machine.” When restocking the vending machine, you need to pay attention to the following points: ◆1. Goods of different sizes are suitable for storage in different specifications. If you don’t know what to put, you can Use a ruler to measure the diameter and pitch of the spring, and then compare the size of the product (with a fixed package). The simple way is to put the product in the spring cargo lane and experience it, neither the card is too tight nor from the center of the spring. If it falls out of the gap, it’s suitable. ◆2. The aerated beverages sold (that is, carbon dioxide-filled carbonated beverages) should be placed as low as possible on the cargo lane, otherwise the beverage may fall and the customer may spray out the beverage when the customer opens the beverage, which will affect the customer's purchase experience. ◆3. Drinks packed in Tetra Pak bricks and cans should be placed on a cargo track with a flat bottom track to reduce the rate of jams. Because the rows of Tetra Pak bricks and cans travel in the cargo lane, the friction resistance is much larger than that of plastic bottles, and they are easy to jam, and the flat-bottom track can effectively reduce the cargo jam. ◆4. Cargo lanes with flat-bottomed rails should be as low as possible for low- and flat-bottomed products. Don't put the tall and easy-to-fall products. It is also a headache to fall in a row. ◆5. When placing bottled beverages, place the bottle cap down as much as possible, which can effectively solve the awkward situation of standing up after the beverage bottle falls. ◆6. When placing the product, the upper end of the product must not be tilted outward (you can stand or tilt inward), which can effectively reduce the occurrence of jams caused by the top of the product. ◆7. The same kind of goods must be placed in the same spring cargo lane, and the goods must be filled each time. If it is really unsatisfactory, empty the space inside. There should be no space at the front end of the spring cargo lane. As long as the vending machine of the spring cargo lane is used in the correct way, the jam rate during use can be greatly reduced.
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